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Caring For Wooden Gates

The best finish for any timber product other than such as Iroko is a micro porous water based stain or paint, this is absorbed by the wood and it provides a water resistant finish that lets the timber “breathe” as is goes through the seasons and will not flake and expose unprotected surfaces as does a solvent based paint that sits on top of the timber and never becomes a part of it.

To provide maximum protection we would recommend a sealer followed by a base coat followed by a top coat, all our doors and windows are given the equivalent of 8 brush coats which is applied by airless spray and have a 10 year guarantee.

The ideal would be a sealer then 2 base followed by 2 top coats, a top coat re application every couple of years would give your gate a greatly extend life.

**Guide price based on 3ft x 3ft gate in softwood with no gate posts or gate hardware

Wooden Gates Features

  • Made from 1 inch by 3 inch wood (either softwood or hardwood)
  • Hand made in our very own workshop in the UK
  • Natural wood colour so can then be varnished any colour you wish
  • Free UK Delivery

Drag the sliders to set width and height of gate, or gap if buying posts too

Gap Width: *see above*


CM = 91 cm
Inches =
Feet = 3ft

CM = 91 cm
Inches =
Feet = 3ft

Please Note! Specify the width of your gate or the width of the gap if you are having gate posts.

Do You Require Gate Posts?

Please Note! If you select gate posts the width of these will automatically be taken into consideration with the gate width.

What Type of Wood Do You Require?

Accessories - Gate Hinges and Latch?

Gate Hardware Info

The gate accessories set includes a latch and hinges which are available in either Black Japanned or Galvanised finishes.

Black Japanned Gate Latch Galvanised Gate Latch
Black Japanned Gate Hinge Galvanised Gate Hinge

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