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Wooden Garden Gates

Our wooden garden gates are the affordable way to add a little bit of privacy to your garden. We have 10 great designs below that you can easily customise, find the price of and buy online.

With Free shipping throughout the UK there is no reason to leave the comfort of your home either!

**Guide price based on 3ft x 3ft gate in softwood with no gate posts or gate hardware

Wooden Gates Features

  • Made from 1 inch by 3 inch wood (either softwood or hardwood)
  • Hand made in our very own workshop in the UK
  • Natural wood colour so can then be varnished any colour you wish
  • Free UK Delivery

Drag the sliders to set width and height of gate, or gap if buying posts too

Gap Width: *see above*


CM = 91 cm
Inches =
Feet = 3ft

CM = 91 cm
Inches =
Feet = 3ft

Please Note! Specify the width of your gate or the width of the gap if you are having gate posts.

Do You Require Gate Posts?

Please Note! If you select gate posts the width of these will automatically be taken into consideration with the gate width.

What Type of Wood Do You Require?

Accessories - Gate Hinges and Latch?

Gate Hardware Info

The gate accessories set includes a latch and hinges which are available in either Black Japanned or Galvanised finishes.

Black Japanned Gate Latch Galvanised Gate Latch
Black Japanned Gate Hinge Galvanised Gate Hinge

Wooden Garden Gates Details

The wooden garden gates above are perfect for that idyllic garden you have always dreamed of. Also available from FMC timber gates are Security Gates , for those that want to enjoy a little more privacy or have pets that they don't want escaping. This means that there really is a wooden garden gate for everyone, so feel free to browse the site until you have found the perfect wood gate to plug the hole in your fence! 
Try to imagine the wooden gates situated in that garden that took you so long to perfect, the 3 foot wooden garden gates above really could be the perfect finishing touch to your hard earned garden.

We have lots of wooden garden gates for sale in various different garden gate designs and sizes, each size of wooden gate comes either on its own as a compete garden gate set. The wooden garden gates set includes the actual wood gate itself and also two timber gate posts, a garden gate latch, garden gate fixing and garden gate hinges. All gates come with a standard FREE delivery to anywhere in the UK mainland.

Fitting Your Gate

To make sure your gates fit perfectly you should make sure you have measured the gap that your wooden gate is to go into. This is the width that you input into the calculator and then if you are having posts this will be automatically taken into account.

Once your gate has been delivered all you need to do is to paint the wood gate whatever colour you wish and wait for it to dry. The gate will take varying lengths of time to dry depending on which paint you have bought. When the gate is dry simply make holes in the ground for your gate posts to go in and hammer them in. Next you can use the gate hardware that came with the wooden gate posts (if you bought the wooden garden gate kit) to attach the gate to the posts and you are all finished!

Wooden Gates Guarantee

Our UK gates also come with a 30 day money back guarantee to give you complete peace of mind when you buy gates from our online wooden gate shop. We will give you a complete refund for your wooden garden gate if it is faulty in anyway, although if you have just changed your mind we will give you a refund minus the postage costs and a 20% re-stocking charge for the wood gate.

The wooden garden gates guarantee also extends to the gate hardware so if there is anything wrong with the garden gate hinges or latch you can send them straight back to us and we will replace them for you.

Lifetime Of Wooden Garden Gates

The life of your gate depends on a variety of different aspects that effect the timber the gate is made out of. One of the conditions that wood does not like is damp or the wet which is a bit of a problem in the UK's climate! To try and keep your wooden garden gates away from damp as much as possible you could try and have your wood gate opening onto a path or concrete of some kind. Ensuring this will keep gates away from wet grass which can prolong the amount of time the wooden gate is actually wet for. Another tip that could extend the life of your wooden garden gates is to regularly apply wood preserve of varnish to your wood gates which will not only give the gate a weather bearing protective coat it will also give the wooden garden gate an extra bit of shine and a fresh new look.

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